I have to say that I was warned by numerous people never to go through Expedia for any type of travel plans because they are all about fees and and not consistent in what they say. I booked a trip for my friend and I and a separate itinerary from my mother to go to Amsterdam My friend and I's trip was able to be rescheduled with a small feet but my mother's trip was not able to be rescheduled becauwe're scheduled because they forgot to put the travel insurance on it so now they are stating basically my mom is out over a $1000.

When on the phone rebooking me and my friend's trip I was very clear and the person who was redoing the trip repeated that the hotel date was different than the leave date because my flight would not fly into our destination until the following day. The agent literally 10 minutes after we had said that twice booked my hotel for the same day I was leaving to go on the trip and now they are saying they cannot change it and that I'm up to the hotel's mercy if they're willing to allow me to change dates...

Or to even get money back for the 1st night.

I have been on the phone with Expedia for a minimum of 2 hours A-day for the last 2 weeks trying to solve problems, Every time they say they are going to follow up they do not I have to call and I have to repeat the whole situation over again and then get disconnected when they have nothing for a resolution.

I have explained to Expedia multiple times that 2 females just can't go to another country without knowing if they have a hotel or not because hotels don't save your whole reservation if you don't check in on the date you're supposed to arrive.

Expedia does not care about you all they care about is money the airlines have stated that it's up to Expedia to Grant a credit or to release money especially United who has been very good and they said that we should get a refund or at very least a credit Expedia refuses to acknowledge this and all they say is you have to go through the airline which is untrue they lie to their customers and they basically just hope you give up because it's so exhausting trying to get anything done through them.

I have started legal proceedings against them to get my money back... And I will be going to every single feedback forum and posting this to people see what Expedia really is, a scamming and fee based leech of a business who could care less about their customers.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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