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I arrived to the airport with printed confirmation of my flight from Expeda. I was told by China Eastern Airlines that I was not on the flight, that Expedia had made a mistake with the booking. They would not assist by putting me on another flight, insisting that I would need to pay for a new flight. My only option was for the agency to sort it out according to them.

I ended up waiting for 3 days at the airport while speaking for hours with Expedia trying to resolve the issue. On day 3 I booked my own flight home at a cost of USD$1,200+. The issue is still unresolved by Expedia, who are apparently in touch with the airline but never call back when they say they will.

Expedia have the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have been on hold for periods of over an hour for days on end, to no avail. In addition, continuously being disconnected when transferred (nobody calls back).

Impossible to communicate with the agents who never seem to understand the issue, cannot be transferred to the same person again so I am continuously explaining the whole issue from start to finish.

The list goes on, basically I have spent three times what this flight cost me initially and still no resolution.

Never use this company, when something goes wrong they will not can not, and do not seem to want to resolve issues.

China Eastern Airlines are equally as bad, since they would not assist I ended up booking my own flight to Europe.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I had dreadful experience with China Eastern.

Their crew and onflight service were very good, the airport is first-rated.

But the customer service, those hidden behind are rude, unprofessional corruption, since they are relatives something of the government official, not qualified people who "manage".

They ripped off us 4,000 dollars and lied that part of them given to the other airline. Being treated and cheated to such an extent, I called the other partner airline of CE, only to find that the other line got zero dollars, all the money were overcharged and taken by the ***, *** beauricratic China Eastern!

I have to say I liked their people, their passengers, but the customer service on the phone are the worst shameless pigs, I will and encourage anyone with guts, to shoot these handful of people in the face!

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