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My father passed away and we needed to book a hotel for the funeral. We accidentally submitted the wrong date and noticed it at the end of booking.

We could not cancel online so called Expedia. Talked to "Jay", foreign, who cancelled the reservation for us and we rescheduled. Jay had trouble understanding English but assured us it was cancelled. It was not completely cancelled.

It does not show up on our online itinerary but apparently it does show up in their system. We were charged. We have now been on the phone with customer service for 2 hours and 15 mins trying to get it resolved! We were hung up on TWICE and spoke to 4 different people (all foreign, we could barely understand them).

Now we are told to call back tomorrow! Run-around!

I will NEVER, EVER use Expedia again and will spread the word.

Our next correspondence will be a letter to the CEO. Ridiculous!

Monetary Loss: $303.

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Sur, Ash Sharqiyah Province, Saudi Arabia #684625

worst most worst company is expedia .. expedia is doing 100% scams ...

expedia should ban... in my life i never prefer expedia...

Naples, Florida, United States #628645

sorry I do apologize about my previous comment I am having a bad day and taking it out on everybody. I am a lonely f.a.g. hag and have nobody I am sad and pathetic.

Naples, Florida, United States #617580

Of course you were charged for the original booking. You are charged the moment you hit submit.

You will NOT see a refund immediately. How old are you and how long have you been banking that you do not know this?

Bad service? Sounds like bad customers who can not understand how their banking system works.

to LadyScot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #618126

Hey *** - The reservation was THREE minutes old and we we called Expedia immediately. The Customer "Service" rep told us it was CANCELLED and would be REFUNDED.

Lie. How old are YOU that you believe the banking system has anything at all to do with this?! Sounds like an Expedia Shill to me.

I'm surprised you can speak English.

to seren_dipity63 Naples, Florida, United States #618597

I am surprised you can breathe without help. Refunds are NOT instantaneous, since YOUR BANK has a processing date of at least 3-5 business days.


I swear people always blame others for their mistakes.

And ***, you actually ACCEPTED that the wrong info was correct before you paid. How *** is that?

to LadyScot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #618646

I am sorry that you obviously do not understand English as I presumed. My bank has nothing to do with this.

Expedia did not refund as they assured me and now state they will not. To cancel the charge to my bank is FRAUD. I wonder why you would be so interested in this post? I mean really, one complaint out of 160 or so?

One of two things: No life or an Expedia agent. If you have no life and nothing else to do, I feel sorry for you - carry on with your *** responses.

I'm not bothering to respond for your entertainment. If your an Expedia agent, find another job before they go out of business.

Good-bye, lonely shill.

to LadyScot San Francisco, California, United States #618658

LadyScot is a stooge paid to respond to complaints on this and other websites; his/her goal is to antagonize posters into writing something libelous or to call the company even more angry than they were to begin with. These vermin (actually, that's an insult to rodents) MAKE A LIVING attacking people with perfectly reasonable complaints.

Every response found was insulting the complainer with irrelevant bull.

Pathetic bottom-feeder.

to LadyScot Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala #620277

actually ladyscot is right is you people located in the united states that are so fat that cannot even think without taking pills if the reservation was made 1 minute or 2 minutes the charge is made at the moment that you hit book now also you are not very clever mister customer first of all you are racist and second you dont read before purchasing something so at the end is your fault now cry moar fagget

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