We booked out trip to St. Maarten to celebrate our 5 year anniversary through Expedia. When we got to the airport, we were not able to check in. The airline did all it could and when there was no resolution, they credited us the full value of the flight.

When we got home, called Expedia and explained what happened. They said that they could not do anything for us to refund the $800 for the hotel, even though the events were beyond out control. They said that because the hotel will not refund them, they can't refund us. What a way to keep a customer!! I will never use Expedia as they proved me to how they take care of their customers. They do not believe in customer service.

I was willing to try and get half my money back as I explained that I would like to rebook for February and even that was not an option.

Stay as far away as you can from Expedia. I have learned first hand why they have a horrible customer service rating.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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In May we had a flight cancelled in Greece and had to find alternative transportation.

Spent 2 hours on hold and was told they would not refund the money and then got disconnected. Still no refund and Expendia still has my money.


I booked a flight from Houston to Syracuse using Expedia, no problems with the flight down, but couldn't get a boarding pass for the trip back. US Air said Expedia never paid them, spent hours on the phone with Expedia in the airport trying to get this resolved so I could get on my plane, I ended up missing my flight and couldn't get another flight until the next day.

I am trying to get Expedia to refund me for the $73 for a hotel, and they refuse to. I have spent hours on the phone with Expedia's customer service, they are not helpful at all. The did offer a Expedia credit.

Why would I ever want to use Expedia again? where would I be stranded this time?


Ok, working at one of the many hotels expdia uses, and I can tell you for sure, we do not refund no-shows. You do not say why you could not check in, but it's your work to talk the hotel you are booked at and explain the situation.

If we agree that its out of your control, we will not charge expedia. If you don't call, the hotel will charge expedia for no-show, and expedia wont give you the refund.

A hotelroom is not a thing you can put away for later, thats why no matter how you made you reservation, make sure the hotel knows that if you cancel.

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