We have a flight credit from a cancelled flight for around $900. We're trying to use it so my wife can go home for her mother's funeral. Expedia has so far told us twice that there is a problem with their system, left us on hold or stuck with inept customer service reps for four hours and still no reservation. They requested a call back number, but wrote it down wrong so when the phone call got disconnected (because calls get dropped all the time in 2013??!!) they couldn't call us back, instead asking us to call back in for the same ridiculously long cue. These idiots are going to make my wife miss the only flight off this island tomorrow.

Really, I've talked to six or seven people at the company and none of them can do the one thing they claim to be able to do - book a flight!!

Utterly pathetic, I would say never, ever use this *** company ever again. There are a hundred companies doing the same exact thing as this *** outfit.

Still on hold...going on five hours.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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