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DO NOT BOOK WITH EXPEDIA, (unless you don't want your flight to be actually booked)

Before the return journey of a recent trip I tried to check in online to save time at the airport. The airline had no record of my flight and when I went to where I booked it I got an "Internal Message" error and had to call customer services.

THERE WAS NO RETURN FLIGHT BOOKED FOR ME EVEN THOUGH I HAD WRITTEN CONFIRMATION FROM EXPEDIA THAT MY FLIGHT WAS BOOKED. The agent on the phone explained that after I changed part of my trip, Expedia attempted to charge my credit card the change fee. When my card was declined (after they emailed me ticket confirmation) they said they emailed me back to let me know and that I had never responded.

I checked my inbox carefully, my spam email and my deleted items and there was no sign of this alleged email from expedia letting my know my flight was not confirmed.

When I asked to speak to the manager about this I was told there wasn't a manager available. I then asked the agent on the phone to pass a message onto their manager that I'd never book with expedia again and would be leaving a review of my booking experience on

20 minutes Iater a manager agreed to take my call. He then started trying to blame me for not responding to the email they claim they sent out stating my flight was not reserved. I invited them to resend this email but they said they couldn't.

He again tried to blame me by saying I should have checked my credit card transactions online and noticed that the flight change fee hadn't shown up. I expalined that since my last communication from expedia was a confirmation of my flight in writing this responsibility was not on me.

He refused to take responsibility and reaffirmed that everything expedia had done "had followed protocol".

If I hadn't tried to check in online with with the airline I would have shown up at the airline and had no flight reservation. Expedia saw no need to take responsibilty for their slip up, continued to try and blame me. Never again.

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I will also never book with expedia again either. Since I booked my trip to Hawaii with expedia, I can't earn Hilton points and I can't change/upgrade my airfare tickets.

Way too ridged with the travel partners...for now on, I will do everything separately.

My Alaska flight was horrible in the last row, and no points for my stay at hilton hotels. Expedia....NEVER AGAIN!!!!


Expedia and TripAdvisor are one in the same!!

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