Been on the phones for hours on end only to bel left on hold for ages without anyone re-engaging in the conversation which seemed to be finally grtting somewhere. Calls mysteriously drop! And whenever you call back you cant speak to the same person so you have re-explain your whole narrative again!!

I've been waiting for a month for expedia to give me a refund for a holiday package i cancelled. They managed to cancel everything but one flight for which i got charged for! They've admitted its their fault and send that my case is a 'high importance' case and will call me back in 24hrs. And here i am two weeks later waiting to be taken off hold again! As i was on hold i come across this site and realised expedia have developed a knack for *** off customers!

I did however eventually go on my holiday which i did book with expedia and everything was fine. But i've gone to the holiday and have come back hoping to have my refund sorted out!

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