Verl, North Rhine-Westphalia
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I am writing to complain that Expedia in Germany ans probably worldwide has programming errors and they don´t want to take responsibility of this. Furthermore, their customer services is quite bad, not fair and don´t help customers.

Few weeks ago I tried to make a booking online but I got an error message saying that there was an error and the booking was not possible and I should contact the customer service to continue with my booking. Because I wanted to avoid expensive telephone costs using my cel phone and also because I was already travelling I didn´t call so I asked my boyfriend to book the same hotel over other website. Day later, after the travel I discover that I received a reservation for the hotel I tried to book on your website, and they charged me the night. I contacted the customer service and don´t want to give me a refund because they said I should´ve contacted them before my travel.

But why should I contact them when the booking was supposedly not done, because of the website error?

They don´t want to take responsibility of the programming errors in its website and don´t to give me a refund caused by these programming errors.

Monetary Loss: $152.

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