To the CEO of Expedia:

I am writing to you to complain about the negative service I have received from Expedia.

On May 16, 2010, at around 7pm Central Time, I went to your website to purchase the flight below. I could not proceed with the purchase, since the website gave me an error. Due to this, I ended up calling Expedia to purchase the ticket over the phone. I have called repeatedly to confirm whether changes are allowable on the flight that I was about to purchase. First response I got from a representative was "yes, I can make changes to the flight, and will just need to pay the fees". Second call I made a few minutes later, I spoke with another representative and was informed that they cannot confirm whether or not changes can be made until after I have purchased the ticket. I then requested to speak with a supervisor, named Vida ID # AJ7, and was informed the same thing. I then had no choice but to purchase the flight to find out. After having purchased the flight, I was informed by Vida that any changes can be made to the flight, and I will just need to pay the penalty, which was not a problem.

Today, May 20, 2010, I called to make the changes to my flight. I had to change the airport, from Nagoya to Narita, due to circumstances beyond my control. I called requesting the changes and was informed that changes to the airport is not allowable, only changes to the time and date. This was very annoying and has become an inconvenience to me. I proceeded with cancelling the flight instead, and will opt to purchase my flight through a different travel service.

I would like to complain about the following:

1. The way the calls have been handled when I contacted Expedia were very poor. I work in Customer Service and know what Customer Service is, and I believe that the Expedia representatives need additional training in the art of Customer Service.

2. There has to be consistencies with replies. Different individuals have different answers to the same inquiry.

3. The time I spent on 1 round trip ticket has caused me so much grief and inconvenience.

I have just recently started using Expedia, and this whole ordeal I experienced is making me not use the services of Expedia moving forward. I am so frustrated with the service I received. People come to me for recommendations on travel website, and sadly, I cannot recommend Expedia to anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this complaint and I hope in the future, there will be improvements to your service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Expedia Travel Insurance.

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