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I was told on the phone by a representative that I can forward some emails from the tour company Amigo Tours Merida to this email after I receive this. I did, and the email is not accepting forwards.

I had booked 2 tours &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;the hotel through Expedia for Merida.

The hotel is great. I received an email less than 24 hours (the Expedia policy for cancellation) from Amigo Tours saying that they didnt have enough people for the trip so they cancelled the tour. They told me to contact my agency directly for a full refund (Expedia). The thing is that they told me less than 24 hours before the Celestun tour.

Itinerary #720690****1822

I am having a hard time contacting Expedia, even through Pissed Consumer and get this resolved! My American Express card still has a charge of $133. I understand that you all cant get in contact with Amigo Tours & verify with them. But this is the truth.

They cancelled on me &didn'tidnt go to the tours. The second one I could cancel on time and get my full refund. The first one is the one Im fighting for.

I did not go on the tour so I do not want any charges! Please help me resolve that.

Location: Merida, Yucatan

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