It was a terrible experience. we booked a hotel. the agent told us it would be a double room motel room. but was not. instead it had two double beds in one room. that is not was my confirmation said. it said double room double bed. that's what I paid for. I was on the phone for two hrs. and nothing was done. yes I am pissed off. it was expedia. I was lied to about what I was getting. It was for my daughters birthday and we had a crappy day!!!

the dates were 2-17 to 2-21

Michelle Fries

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Palo Alto, California, United States #252983

Um A double room is two double beds. A queen room is one queen bed. Two rooms with two beds would be a suite.

This is standard language in hotel booking. If you wished to clarify what your accommodations would be you should have contacted the hotel.

You actually did get exactly what you paid for. A double room contains two double beds.


people stop making reservations on 3rd party sites... ie expedia, priceline....

i worked for a 4diamond hotel for a few years. We dont take you all seriously.

We give you the last rooms available and to be honest those people who book on those sites tend to be the ones who dont travel much or know anything about hotel lingo or business... get a clue.

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