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I booked a trip with Expedia that they later informed me they are unable to book (leaving from different States). They did not tell me this when I booked that they are unable to handle such requests.

Then, after contacting customer service and corporate, they lied and said I did not ask for such a booking. The trip was advertised for $872 a person. Four people. I was charged $4271.00.

One person from another State was not given the all inclusive deal.

I reinterate, they never said the fourth person would be given a room or the all inclusive deal. I had to contact the hotel by email, repeatedly, to find out what the cost would be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Expedia Vacation Package Booking.

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Jeff S

I had a similar experience. Throw any logic or common sense out.

Expedia seem petty and use the smallest technical excuse to avoid their responsibility so they can charge you and not provide the full service. They ignore the details they don't want to hear, and parrot the petty technical issues they claim suggest that "you didn't ask for that". We booked an all inclusive trip to Mexico (three adult couples who each paid the posted double-occupancy rate), but neglected to select the number of rooms online. Expedia therefore did not give us three rooms (we called to correct this immediately and Expedia claimed that it was ok and we had our own rooms).

When we arrived in Mexico the hotel had no idea about this... We were expected to share two rooms. I ended up paying an extra $1000 so my wife and I could have our own room. I thought double-occupancy meant "two per room", and we made that clear when we called.

Expedia's excuse...

"We never said three". Biggest weasel move I've ever seen.

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