This was the worst experience I ever had. What was offered to me was not what I got. I called the Marriott hotel on 12/31/2010 to confirm my reservation of a deluxe room with stay in breakfast, they had a room reserved for us but it was a standard room and they did not know anything about a stay in breakfast. They told me I needed to call expedia. Between me and my wife we called expedia 10 to 15times each. I was on one phone she was on her phone to see who could reach someone. Either no one would answer and the phone would just ring and ring or if someone did answer, they would put us on hold. I even gave them my number to call me back if I got disconnected several times. My wife did the same as well. No one ever called us. I did get to speak to a supervisor to said he would call me back. I am still waiting for him to call me.

When we got to the hotel,I requested a refrigerator, we were given a standard room and no refrigerator. I had to call several times until I got the refrigerator. I also kept insisting on the breakfast and so they gave it to us.

I have never had an experience like this with Hotwire or Hotel.com. I understand it was New years eve, but no one at any point ever called to ask if the issued had been resolved. As far as I am concern,I would rate the customer service as very poor and I will never use them again. I have sent them countless email and to this day, no one has answered. Don't bother calling them to complain, once they have your money, they don't answer the phone unless you are making reservations, then they answer right away.

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no customer service , pretend to connect you , but you are sent back to another agent who requests that once again you answer multiple question and so it goes over and over . hotel was a mess msmelled like mold and mildew.

Changed rooms, no better.

Tried to leave, told no refund because expedia had the money and expedia was not going to let me speak to customer care, noe I will try the credit card company. :(


I agree! They are so rude and the company is outsourced and we all know foreigners are rude as ***!!

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