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When trying to access the website from my Windows 10 laptop, the main screen would appear for about 2-3 seconds, then go blank. This happened on 4 browsers (Google Chrome, Iridium, Firefox, and MS Edge), even after a cold reboot, over a period of at least 2-3 weeks.

Prior to that it worked at least on Iridium and Chrome.

I tried to contact Expedia to see if they had any ideas, but got no response. I tried accessing the website again today, and the problem has cleared up on all browsers except Firefox (my browser of choice).

I don't know the cause of the original problem, why the problem has disappeared from 3 of my browsers, or why Firefox is still having difficulties, but I'm disappointed with Expedia's decision to ignore my request for help.

I expect better service from my travel broker.

I expect better support from my travel broker.

User's recommendation: If you like to use fairly tight security settings on Firefox, you may want to avoid

Expedia Pros: Usually provide good customer service.

Expedia Cons: Poor technical support.

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