I booked a rental car through Expedia.com. I was going to Texas for a week.

After arriving in Texas and waiting in a long line for two hours to get a rental car, the rental company no longer had a rental car, so they decided to refund those who did not receive a rental car. However, it was announced that those who booked and paid through Expedia can receive it through Expedia. But I still haven't been refunded the rental fee from them. They told me to contact the rental car company and ask for permission to get a refund.

So I contacted them and got permission to refund, then I contacted expedia again and gave them what they asked for. And they promised me a refund within a week, I waited, but after a week e-mailed me that the car rental company didn't allow my refund, so they sent me an email saying they couldn't refund me. So I again called Expedia this. They made me repeat the same thing over and over again.

I can't get in touch with Expedia and the car rental company even though I have to wait more than 4 hours to call them. I tried contacting him for 3 days to get in touch with it and solved it, but they keep repeating the same thing to me. In this way, they make it difficult for customers to give up the refund themselves.

Many people around me already have the same experience through Expedia. If you are planning a trip, please refer to my experience.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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