Dear Mr Kern,

Hope everything is well. My name is Bryan.

We (myself and my son Caleb) were planning to travel on Monday 6/21 to see mother because she will go thru cancer surgery. Flying from Dulles Airport to Korea. Before our travel, we did 72 PCR covid test and all the documents ready for proper quarantine in Korea. But when we arrived at the airport we found that your Expedia agent did not attach correct ticket number even I contacted Air Canada and they said it is 101 basic and simple mistake and I have not had any this kind of issue before (please see the case number S#8813**** for your reference), so we tried to connect customer service over the phone.

But waiting time was way too long (more than 1 hour) sometimes simple process takes way long (credit card process) maybe due to lack of enough number customer service employees or professional skills, any way on Monday we ended up miss our flight. We could not see my mother or grandmother before the surgery. Also we ended up spending Uber transportation fees approximately ($120 both trips).

We came back home and tried to resolve this issue (switching to another date) on Monday. However it took more than 8 hours for this issue, even the same day it did not resolve the issue (simple date change to Friday 6/25).

I called again to check on Tuesday, still not done in the morning. But by the late afternoon, everything has been resolved.

All Expedia did was apology thru customer service person. I understand people can make a mistake and anything could happen but to compensate for our loss and missing my mother's surgery, I don't think only one apology is not enough. Even I asked for any upgrade possible, and returning answer was NO.

I just want to suggest you a few things so that your company can grow continuously and steadily.

1. Please try to call your customer service line to check what is really happening. Waiting time. In case of disconnect, do they call back or just ignore.

On Monday, after waiting for a hour to contact the customer service person, she could not hear my voice so she ended up hanging up. So I had to call again wait for another 1 hour or more. So Mr Kern you can simply check this and please figure out what might be the best way to improve.


In case this kind of issue (Expedia agent's mistake), please have or offer something reasonable or satisfying things that your customers can revisit or be happy about your company.

I wish based on this issue you can help or improve your company for the next higher steps so that Expedia can become next biggest fortunate company not just in US but in the world.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,


Bryan Heukjin Song

Ph.D. (Vibro-acoustic scientist)


Cell: 407-595-****


Location: Indian Trail, North Carolina

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