I was booking a round trip flight Nassau to Miami from Expedia, as a guest (not from a signed in account) under the same email above. But once I filled all my card payment information and pressed to pay, the page showed a notification that the payment was not processed due to wrong Card information.

The problem is that the money was deducted from the card, and yet no refund is received. The selected trip was under both Bahamas air and American Airlines. I did not receive anything from American Airlines, but from Bahamas air I received a message that "your reservation has been completed. Please be sure to make your purchase by 02/06/2021 to avoid cancellation." So I called Bahamas air, and they confirmed that they see no reservation for me.

I managed to find the itinerary of this reservation on expedia, and the number was 721056****5448. But ever since I was trying to use this number for cancelation and refund request, I receive the notification that this number is not valid, with an error.

Hence, please I request to have refund of the money deducted from my card, because there was no processed ticket or trip.

Thank you

Location: Nassau, New Providence District

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