I find it simply ridiculous that you cannot get in contact with anyone at Expedia but its an extremely quick and easy process when someone is giving you their money. I have been trying to contact Expedia for the last few days, each time Im told my hold time will be 15mins and then Im on hold for 2hrs and 35mins and the phone cuts off, I dont think its a mistake, I think someone is picking up and hanging up, its happened 3 times.

I decided to try the virtual agent Ive gotten three people Oscar, Erick and Oscar...all conveniently log in long enough to give their names and almost immediately leave the conversation. Its frustrating as *** why have this feature and you know youre not doing right by it?!

It doesnt make sense! All I want is my refund or a word on what to do next...Im not trying to hold a conversation, I dont care about over holding your agents on the phone I just want my refund!

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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