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This happened on 1/25/2013 around 1PM EST.

I looked up hotel rates on kayak.com and noticed that a website called hotelclub.com was showing a lower rate than expedia.com. Being a long time customer I called expedia and asked about the price match guarantee policy and was ensured that expedia will match their price. In good faith, i went ahead and booked the reservation and was put on hold to speak with a customer service rep. I was very disappointed after being put on hold for a long time only to find out that Expedia will not honor their price guarantee policy on some bogus claim about the room being offered by hotelclub.com being different. The rep claimed that hotelclub.com had 2 different rates for the same room and that the cheaper rate is for a smoking room. After some back and forth I decided I wanted to cancel my reservation and go with the other company only to be told that I will not be able to cancel the reservation even though I made it over the home less than a hour ago. After more back and forth the rep agreed to let me cancel the reservation. I went back to the other website and started the reservation procedure and guess what? There's a drop down menu for smoking or non-smoking. So where the *** did this rep come up with the "there are 2 rates on their website because one is for non smoking and for smoking. Our room is non-smoking and more expensive"??? I am very VERY disappointed with Expedia. I'm actually going on a trip to Mexico for a week that I booked through Expedia and I really want to cancel it. But i'm sure they'll come up with all kinds of BS to prevent me from canceling without some kind of penalty. I'm planning a 2 week trip to Africa for end of the year and I will NOT be booking with Expedia. I'm pretty sure I won't even visit their website ever again unless they do something drastic to restore my confidence with them.

I'm attaching screenshots as proof.

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East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #700485
:grin This policy along with what their people are telling customers via phone is outright fraud...When you try and get a answer from a supervisor you get long wait times and phone disconnects...It wont be long before class action suit is filed...Expedia sell there stock short.

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