Please, please could you help us?

Me and my girlfriend are in finacial problems because Expedia not refund our payment in Holland, Amsterdam of an amount 890,95 that is a lot of money and we have to pay our bills. Perhaps you can send this e-mail to the departement cashback.

We have made a booking and payment on the 24th of May 2021 for a hotel in Ibiza for 5 nights and payed this with a debit card, because this was possible.

Unfortunally they didnt receive an confirmation so they call Expedia.

They said to me that the booking dit not go through and that was it!

The money will be paid back at 14 days, because Expedia USA has to make a refund booking.

Many, many, many phonecalls but untill now there is no refund made.

we missed now 890,95 that is a lot of money.

We have send a few times our bank statements and everything but nothing helps.

The itinerary number was 721018****3899 but this number doent exist because there was no booking.

I will send you a copy of the payment and details of the booking.

Please can you do something for us, because the office in the Netherland Amsterdam say to us that the problem has to be fixed in the USA.

payment details:

IBAN NL44DEUT049628****


Name Worldline

reference DRWP774138****115 000****729840 Itineray 721018****3899 Expedia nl 24-5-2021 08:56 115000****729840

N. van den Berg


Apartementos Playasol Jabeque Dreams Ibiza

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Nick v/d Berg

Location: Rotterdam, South Holland

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