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When I booked the car rental thru Expedia you all did state hertz accepted debit cards so I went ahead and booked the rental. Once there at hertz it was a totally different story, hertz stated that Expedia is not following their policies (I had called and spoke to a live person from Expedia and hertz both stated they accepted debit cards).

I am so angry about this situation plus it took 5 days to FINALLY get my money back but the way I told Expedia you need to give me back my money the same day which was Friday September 17th when all this mess started because Expedia took my money the same day I made the reservation. I did not get my money back until 5 days later and that to me is so wrong in so many ways.

Therefore I will not ever be using Expedia for any kind of bookings also the customer service one guy started to get angry so I got angrier all he kept saying Im sorry Im sorry I didnt want to hear sorry I wanted to have this mess corrected. Total messed up vacation due to Expedia and hertz thanks for nothing.

User's recommendation: DO NOT use Expedia wished there was a -0 stars because that’s what I would rate them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hertz Car Rental.

Expedia Cons: Horrible service, Poor customer service, Lied about car rental policies.

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People without credit cards should not travel loser

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