We booked a room in West Yellowstone for seven nights with Expedia for the peace of mind and low price. we were very surprised to learn that the room we were paying $229/night for through expedia was routinely being offered for 199/night.

So, "why did we use expedia?" was my question. We used expedia also for the reliability and peace of mind that we would have a room waiting for us when we got there. However, the room that was reserved for us was not what we asked and paid for and we had to demand that we receive a king size bed that we had paid for. Well, the hotel clerk was very nice and professional about it but we were not happy about the mixup.

So, after we realized the price discrepancy between what we paid and what the room was routinely offered for, I got on the phone with expedia customer service, which sounded to be located in India, and was lied to by the representative by being told that was the lowest price that room went for. We knew otherwise since the regular price was posted on the inside of the door to the room. Maybe she wasn't lying, maybe....So, I then asked to speak to her manager and was left on hold so long that I hung up.

I will never use expedia again and I will tell everyone who will listen this story.

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The price card listed on the back of door may not have been updated in a while. Do not assume that the price on the back of the door is the actual price.

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Maybe the lowest price they had was actually what you paid for, but the hotel had it cheaper. Doesn't mean you got screwed over, Im a travel agent and we dont always have the same prices for room as the hotel have.

Sometime we are even cheaper.

If you would've shop for the best price instead of just looking at expedia, you probably would've paid the real lowest price. And when you ask for a type of bed, unless it says on the type of room that you are suppose to have a king bed, if it's just a request, its never garantee

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