We booked a flight using Expedia, and the terms of the flight class we booked clearly stated that we would receive a refund, minus a 25% admin fee, should we have to cancel for any reason (the refund terms were very important to us which is why we booked "J" class). This flight was in March 2020 and due to Covid restrictions we had to cancel.

Trying to contact Expedia to cancel was very frustrating - we tried for hours to contact Expedia by phone but their lines were overwhelmed so we filled out the online cancellation form and received a confirmation. This was done on March 18th 2020. Over the past 12 months, I have spent many, many hours on hold or talking to Expedia Agents, I sent emails and even contacted the Better Business Bureau. I was told many times that the refund request had been submitted, and I would receive the refund within the next 4 weeks, but when I called to report I hadn't received it, I was told it was done incorrectly and would have to be submitted again.

Finally, I contacted the BBB and Expedia's response to my BBB dispute was that the airline had changed their policy, and we were no longer entitled to a refund (just a credit that expired in 2021 which was of no use for us as it was on Malaysia Airlines). After contacting an advocacy group, I was able to get email addresses for senior executives at both Malaysia Airlines and Expedia. My emails to Expedia were never answered, but the one to Malaysia Airlines was answered within days. The Malaysia Airlines Customer Service Agent confirmed what we already knew, we were entitled to a refund, and apologized for the problems we had encountered.

From the time of contacting Malaysia Airlines directly to when they processed the refund back to Expedia was 3 weeks. During this time they kept me updated and they checked to make sure the monies were with Expedia, plus they contacted Expedia on our behalf to ensure that Expedia credited the monies back to our account. The refund was finally credited back to our account this week. So...Expedia's comment through the BBB (no refund, only credit) was incorrect (even after I disputed it twice they made the same comment and indicated that there was nothing they could do about it).

It took only one email from me to Malaysia Airline to find out that the policy change did not apply to our ticket. My only regret is that I spent 11+months dealing with Expedia. I should have contacted the airline sooner to find out the true story.

This is a brief summary of the 20+ pages of notes I have re my dealings with Expedia. Beware - they are very difficult to deal with if you have to request a refund.

User's recommendation: Don't waste months trying to deal with Expedia - contact the airline directly, and if necessary go through an Advocacy organization.

Location: Huntsville, Ontario

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