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I booked a hotel in Rome through Expedias unpublished rates offer for a 4 star hotel. I got the Hotel

Emona Aquaeductus which is at best a 2 star Mexican rating. It was so bad that I could not stay there

and therefore lost the $309.00 Cdn prepaid amount. Expedia doesn't do anything for its clients except send nice, warm and fuzzy letters telling you how sorry they are for your misfortune.

The misfortune is in using and trusting Expedia!

I also am very suspect of the customer reviews for this hotel carried in Expedia. They appear to be puffed advertisements for a dilapidated hotel. The pictures may have been taken 20 years ago when the hotel was in its prime but has very little relationship to what now exists. I challenge the fact that anyone wrote a review that said they loved this hotel as a 4 star hotel.

Beware of using Expedia. There are much better and reputable sites that will stand behind their recommendations.

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That is true that happened to us in Arizona Flagstaff, we booked a 4 star hotel to find out we have made reservation in a square dirty room (2 star)in latin america, so next time be sure to read reviews and check what you are paying for

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