Jan.5,2014 I went online to order a plane ticket from tampa to milwaukee to be used in March. I did not submit this ticket because I wnted to make sure I got the right dates.

Called my bank to make sure the $300 did not go through. They told me I needed to contact expedia. This was Jan.6,2014. I called they hung up I called they hung up it took 4 different individuals unitl I got hold of a supervisor Angele(?).

This individual was the person who started out with,and he thought it quiet funny because (?). I surely did not and told this person if he could loose $300 more power too him but not to steal from others to get it!He told me I needed to get in touch with air tran now remember this took less than the 24 hour window for refund.

AirTran said they did not have any record of my credit card or my name that expedia deals with this.On January 11,2014 after the call on the 6th I receive my itinerary from expedia. I know this does not take a week to receive this. I want full refund and I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!


Monetary Loss: $300.

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I am in the same boat right now. Expedia made a booking error and won't address it.

I get it if I had to cancel due to some unforseen event, that's life. But they booked my family of 5 trip WRONG, and won't fix it, nor refund my money. I can't believe a company like this exists in the USA.

Shameful, to abuse hardworking people and take their money with no regard for honesty. How do we stop this ?

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia #969353

I pay Expedia for 3 times booking fee... and not even one flight I have book....

can u imagine I pay booking fee and not flight booked... this is first time I Try it and the last time as well....

Ocoee, Florida, United States #943736

There is something that does not add up about this complaint. The poster says he went on line to "order" a ticket, but did not "submit it" because he wanted the correct dates.

Realistically, if one went onto one of these sites and just checked flights and prices there is no possibility of your card being charged. YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOUR DEBIT CARD NUMBER FOR THEM TO TAKE ANY MONEY FROM YOU. Now obviously he had gone through the purchase process to the extent he had given his credit card number and other information, because he called his bank. Then he calls Expedia about being charged for the ticket.

That says to me the poster "bought" the ticket. It sounds like after he bought it, he found out it was the wrong date or some other problem with his purchase and now wants to back out of the deal by blaming Expedia.

The fact that he later got an itinerary further confirms that he did not just look, but that he purchased a ticket on January 5th. He needs to take responsibility for his own actions.

to JrOrlando Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom #956933

That is not entirely true. If you have an open account with Expedia as I had, I didn't need to put my details.

It automatically charged me. To anyone out there do not trust this company

to JrOrlando #1040930

I was thinking the same thing! Do not give them your card info if you don't want to buy it. Jeez.

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