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My husband booked an All-Inclusive trip to Mexico through the Expedia website for three couples, including us. He looked after the booking for all of us. At the time of the booking, the price was approximately $1,200 pp for double occupancy. We went ahead and made the booking at that rate. Soon after he made the booking, he received confirmation but noticed that it did not seem like we had three rooms.

He called Expedia immediately and inquired, explaining that there were 6 adults, and we required 3 rooms. The agent also did not think that the booking sounded correct, as it looked like we would only be getting one room. Because he was not sure, he called the hotel to get an understanding of the booking. He must have misunderstood whomever he spoke with at the hotel, as he told us that we were set for all the rooms, and that all the booking meant, was that all of our rooms would be connected.

When we arrived at the hotel, it turned out that only two rooms were booked. Somehow, our group of three couples (six adults) were assigned two rooms (three people per room).

When we explained the obvious problem to the desk clerk at the hotel, she said that she could not do anything to help, suggested we contact Expedia, which we did while we were there, however, they were unhelpful, telling us that is what we booked. My brother and his wife were offered a room (luckily) but they needed to pay approximately $860 US for the week; which they did because they obviously had no other option, also, we had no doubt we would be be reimbursed for Expedia’s obvious error.

When we came home, my husband again called Expedia to explain their negligence, they claimed to “investigate”, and in doing so, told us that the original booking, by computer, was done by us clicking on adjoining rooms. We did agree that we must have originally done that in error (though we did not know this until then, as we were not told of our error when we called in the 1st place). However, we also explained we did call to rectify that error shortly after the booking. That we were given assurance when we spoke with the agent, that the booking was what we wanted. If he had told us we only have 2 rooms, be would have gladly cancelled, and rebooked (same price by the way). It was $1200 per person, whether we had booked 2 rooms for 6 of us, or 3 rooms for 6 of us, it would have been the same price, why would we book 3 adults in two rooms? If there was a discount for sharing a room between 3 people, it may have made some sense, but that was not the case. Also, a 4th couple came with us, booking on their own, and paid a slightly smaller fee (as fees changed), nevertheless, if we had booked the 8 of us at the time, this would never have been an issue, as all the couples would have been given their own rooms to begin with. So of course, we would book 3 rooms. Just common sense, but Expedia clearly does not possess that.

My husband has explained the issue to Expedia many times. My brother has written to them on numerous occasions, and unfortunately, this surprisingly did not result in the reimbursement we expected. It’s just so obvious they are in the wrong. Their tactics are to ignore our calls and e-mails, and on the rare occasion they had respond, they respond with answer’s making it clear to me that they either did not even bother to read our complaint in the 1st place, or are ignoring responding to those legitimate complaints. We are not asking for anything more than what we are entitled to, the reimbursement of the extra $860 US that we were forced to pay because of Expedia’s lack of competence. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH EXPEDIA.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Jeff S

I had the same experience and based on the thousands of negative reviews it looks like Expedia's irresponsibility and disregard for their customers (now former customers) is typical. I also will never use Expedia again.


It's safer and cheaper to book direct. Expedia took our money and did nothing to correct error they made.


Stories like this really give me pause, and prompt me to check all vacation package providers (and confirm all details) before I book with one. This situation certainly paints Expedia in a poor light, though. I'll think twice before booking with them next time.

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