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MY days have been an odyssey since I called to make a change to my return flight, the person made the mistake of canceling

my ticket to go now they made a report to hear the call to see who had the mistake I just wanted to change my return and that person canceled my trip, now no one is responsible and I am waiting to solve the problem since last week, no one is responsible for you, they wash their hands saying that they have to wait and since now the ticket is more expensive I do not they want to pay and they say they have no availability. Now they say they have no capacity on the flight they canceled and I called jet blue and they say that if there is space but they do not want to pay because my ticket was cheaper than it is now because I have taken it since April.I ask for a manager and they are never available because the agents work from the houses

responsible for your problem

User's recommendation: check until the last letter because afterwards they will not be responsible for you.

Preferred solution: I want my flight from July 15 to later, it was canceled by your mistake.

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