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I am writing because I recently returned from a trip to Mexico. I booked my trip on Expedia and purchased cancellation insurance as well as medical insurance.

I read the exceptions bulletin before I purchased, to make certain that none of the exceptions applied to me. They didn't. I paid for the insurance and received a notification that read, you are covered! The only problem was that I wasn't covered.

Not for a single red cent.

I flew off to Mexico and I needed to make a claim. Boy was I glad that I got insurance! I phoned the insurance company that Expedia uses which is AIG Insurance. I told them that I needed to make a claim.

The very official woman on the other end of the phone asked me one question. Was your travel essential? I wasn't expecting that question. I was expecting something like, is this a pre-existing condition?

Or was your medical procedure elective? But that's not what she asked. She went on to tell me that due to the current government advisory which states that people should avoid non-essential travel, that all insurance policies purchased for non-essential travel will not be honored. Let me repeat that.

If you travelled for pleasure, or maybe you travelled to keep your sanity in this insane world, and you bought insurance, and you flew off to Mexico with Expedia's you are covered! claim ringing in your ears, and you were run over, shot or maybe suffered from Montezuma's revenge, and you had to get yourself to el hospital, whatever out-of-pocket medical expenses you incurred would not be covered.

I did call AIG Insurance twice, but was told to contact Expedia because they are the ones responsible for what they chose to post or not post on the insurance page. I phoned Expedia twice. I was told that after I paid for insurance I received a terms and condition pamphlet from AIG which outlined that which made my policy null and void.

If you can get through the legal-ease and if you have time to read through the voluminous document, you would find buried on page 13 of the document that you don't have time to read, a section called Exclusions. This section includes the following comment, travel to a specific country or area if, prior to Your Trip commencing, Your Country of Residences foreign relations authority has advised against all but essential travel to that country or area.

Now, you may be thinking that they are legally protected from prosecution, and you would be right. However, there is a difference between what is legally right and what is morally or ethically right. People have long known that insurance companies will let your grandmother die a slow, painful death if they can find a loophole which will get them out of covering her lifesaving procedure.

Expedia knows, as does AIG, that most people assume they are covered if they buy insurance. No one would think that because some duly elected self righteous, self serving clowns with a god complex government officials that have our best interest at heart believe that certain travel is non-essential that an insurance agency would make your insurance policy void. It doesn't make sense. Its not something that a person would think to investigate.

If I have been advised to not leave my home for non-essential reasons, and I decide to drive around the countryside, that does not mean my car insurance is now null and void! Its like ordering a meal at a restaurant and getting an empty plate. You call management over and they explain that because the government has deemed restaurants non essential, that yes, you paid full price for that fillet mignon but you actually are just getting an empty plate. Didn't think to read the fine print on the back of the menu?

Oh, sorry, we've legally covered our butts.

The moral of the story is that insurance companies have always been immoral and will put whatever nonsense they feel like to ensure the highest number of policies are null and void, thereby insuring the highest possible profit margin off of us, the suckers consumers. The second moral to this tale is that Expedia is not to be trusted. They do not care that they are knowingly selling fraudulent insurance policies that do not cover the traveler. All they have to do is send you a document AFTER you pay, and bury a sentence somewhere in that voluminous document warning you, the traveler that you will not be covered if you are engaging in the very Orwellian idea of non-essential travel.

They don't bother to tell you on their website before you pay because they are making money as well. The stats that I have found state that over 50% of travel is for pleasure or, in government terms, for non-essential purposes. That means that right now, they don't have to honor over half of all the medical claims as well as over half of the cancellation claims.

Whether its to see Aunt Ethel because you want her to remember you in her will when she kicks the bucket, or its to just decompress on the beach before the powers-that-shouldnt-be institute the Great Reset, you better understand that paying for insurance is throwing your money down the toilet. Instead, find a more honest and upfront booking service who isn't going to steal your money and than tell you that you should have read the fine print.

There is something called ethically right and I will give that company my money next time. Better yet, maybe I will give my money to a political candidate who understands that free people can decide what is essential for themselves, and that they are in power to serve the people and protect their rights, not wave their magic government wand and turn the country into their idea of autocratic paradise.

User's recommendation: Pick a more open, honest service to give your money to!

Product or Service Mentioned: Expedia Travel Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Expedia Pros: Lower price, Ease to make reservation.

Expedia Cons: Repetitive replies, No understanding of the issue i was calling about, Not helpful at all, No apology only repeating how they do not owe me money, No apology only reiterating that i will not get a refund.

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