I went to the hotel first before going through Expedia. I did so because I didn't have a physical ID card I have lost it.

I went there first and asked them been told him the situation and but I had a picture of my ID on my phone and the second shift person that work there said that would be okay. So then I went through Expedia to get the room and I ended up paying $800 for 8 days. So I got to stay for two and a half days and then the general manager came in for whatever reason and had noticed going through the computer I guess that I had not showed a physical ID. At that time we kind of went back and forth a little bit and she was loud and I was loud.

But then because of they made me leave they gave me 45 minutes to vacate. And the reason for that is was because I had to show an ID card and since I didn't show an ID card I wasn't allowed to stay there. I don't know I went there first and asked and was told I could stay and paid all that money and they made me leave and it was a little argument of them both ends on both sides for sure I was mad and they would not refund my money so they told me to go through Expedia. So when I got my things packed and got in the car I went I called Expedia Expedia called them and they said yes I had to leave cuz I didn't have no idea and they weren't going to get a refund because I destroyed the room.

I am 55 years old I didn't do a thing to that room not one thing and I told them at that time when I found out they said that I said if I did something then I'm sure you have some pictures of it because you would do that to make sure you covered your end right. Well there were no pictures and that wasn't because I didn't do I didn't have enough time to do anything I 45 minutes to bake it I had to pack my stuff so Expedia and the hotel neither one want to refund my money and then Expedia started to act like they were going to and I've never seen anything nothing I'm out $400 for something that's not my fault for something I made sure I covered my butt first yes I'm pissed off thank you

Location: Foley, Alabama

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