NevI checked in to extended hotel stay in Victorville California. The hotel was infested with druggies on the outside.

It was completely nasty when you walked in the floor was dirty the carpet was filthy I felt unsafe. On the outside it had assigned to use a mask but they werent compliant with CDC rules even the customer service rep had his mask hanging below his nose speaking to customers. The room was filthy the sofa was soiled the Kleenex container was cracked there was a lump of hair in the shower The table was dirty in the microwave seal was cracked it was completely filthy and it was their last room they didnt have anything else to offer me and Im still struggling to get $500 of my money back. Expedia hasnt done enough Ive called several times Ive called the property the supervisor hasnt called back and neither has the owner.

My mother passed away I had my elderly 85 and 90-year-old aunt and uncle in the car they were staying at the hotel they are vulnerable there was no way that I could keep them there it was unsafe the room was filthy and the representative said I would get my money back and I havent heard from anybody cents. I reached out to Expedia and I escalated it and asked for a supervisor to call me back I havent heard from anybody yet. Expedia said they were going to report the hotel because people are doing math at that hotel its very scary there and I dont understand why Im not getting my money back when the hotel was not up to par and they didnt have anything else to offer the customer so I had to leave at 3 AM in the morning sit in the parking lot with my 85-year-old and 90-year-old and uncle and figure out somewhere to take them necks spend more money thank God I had it and I had to end up spending $121 more to get them settled while I have $500 of my money tied up 383 with Expedia and $100 deposit with hotel extended stay. The lied on the website stating theyre taking steps and clean safety, its a LIE!

I Cant believe Im dealing with something like this after I just buried my mom on Sunday and had family in on Saturday for the memorial services trying to get them settled and pay for their stay and this is what I have to go through Im completely disgusted and out there and I better somehow get my money back this is *** and the owner should be completely disgusted with themselves for being so hard up to take peoples money its disgusting I

cant even go on Im so damn pissed. CONTACT ME AT 442-243-**** to discuss

User's recommendation: Never stay here. Drug infested, non COVID-19 compliant, it’s a safety and health issue. I NEED MY MONEY BACK. I DID NOTJING WRONG BUT KEEP MY FAMILY SAFE! I’m PISSED.

Location: Cupertino, California

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