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When we got to the Economy Inn, it looked like an hourly rate motel. This is not an Inn at all.

We went to the front desk and asked if we could see a room before staying. The woman said ok, and gave us a key to see the room. My husband and I opened the door, and saw it was what we thought not a place for a family to be staying at all. We went back to the front desk and told her we could not stay there as it was not appropriate for our family.

She held up a receipt and said that it was already charged through and we would have to get our money back from Expedia. We then had to find another place to stay, as it was 8:45 at night and we had driven five hours already. By the time we found a place to stay and called it was 10:30. The Expedia rep contacted the hotel and a man there (we never saw a man) told her we had stayed at the hotel!!!!

We were there less than five minutes and we only dealt with a woman who seemed to understand why we werent staying there. These people are lying to Expedia. I have three other people that can attest to the fact we were there for five minutes and they probably have a video that would prove it too. We are now out money because there were no other hotels within an hour and a half in any direction except one and we are paying $300 for one night.

We were willing to sleep in our car before staying at that hotel.

If I were Expedia, I would not want to even promote this property. They are liars and their motel is not even close to being an inn.

I would like to thank you for at least giving us $200 in credit, but I really feel we deserve all of our money back.

They are getting away with lying and false advertising of their place.

Please reach out to me with any further questions. Thank you.

User's recommendation: Would never recommend to anyone!

Monetary Loss: $419.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Expedia Pros: Typically good deals.

Location: 658 Elmira Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

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