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Expedia Unpublished Rate Buyer Beware!!

Today (01/30/2012) I booked an night in Savannah Ga in the Historic District for a Four Star Hotel. Once it was booked I am notified that the hotel will be The Westin Savannah Harbor Resort & Spa which by any stretch of the imagination is not located in the historic district, it is located across the river .8 of a mile by water. I immediately called Expedia, I was told that since it was a unpublished rate hotel basiclly tough ***!! I asked to speak with a supervisor and was offered a future $50 credit.

I called my bank to reverse charges and was told that a claim would have to be filed and it could take upto 90 days for it to be settled.

I accepted the $50 credit and once I have used it I will never use Expedia again.

My experience in the past 10 years with Expedia has been good, but the customer service seems to have been outsourced.

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I will NEVER use Expedia again!!!I booked a trip to Atlantis.

Within 24 hours, I found a better deal through Orbitz (savings of $400). When I called back to cancel my trip, customer service suggested that I file a best price guarantee claim and they will match the price at Orbitz. Let me warn you...it is impossible to get Expedia's best price guarantee. They will review the terms and conditions word for word, and believe me, Expedia will come up with some lame excuse to not match the price.



I reserved a hotel room through Expedia and the hotel did not keep my room.I had to settle for a less comfortable room, but pay for the king size room because Expedia would not give me a refund.

I will NEVER use Expedia again.

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland #713590

I completely agree.Yesterday I booked an "unpublished rate hotel" room via Expedia.

My reservation and payment was for three people two adults and a seven year old child. This was perfectly entered in Expedia's online system. But just to confirm, I called the hotel. Expedia had booked a double room, with a double bed for us, and for having our child staying at a second bed we will have to pay the hotel upon arrival.

I immediately complained to Expedia. I spent half of the day trying to solve the problem which they seem completely unable to do. I feel I was tricked, completely misled to believe I had booked a room for three. The hotel staff very kindly told us they could do nothing as Expedia never announced to them the age of our child.

What is unbelievable is that they announce the same room for two adults at a lower price than I paid but because of the apparent "complexity" of this issue, they did not even bother trying to cancel my booking and refund the payment under their "best price guaranteed" service.I am absolutely disappointed, at the opaque system, at having been led to pay for a service I will not get and at the useless customer service center.


I have always found Expedia easy to deal with.I've had a couple of problems in the past, but they always work hard to resolve them.

I recently used the unpublished rates option and selected a three star hotel. Turns out they booked me into a Best Western that had no star rating on their site and a two star rating on Priceline. I immediately called them to voice my objections. Being from the south, I know you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so I was very sweet to the woman on the phone.

It took about 20 minutes (most of which was spent on hold) but they cancelled the reservation and issued a full refund. I will re-book through Expedia, but this time I won't use the unpublished fare option. I did notice that when you click on unpublished fares, and select your star rating option, there is a map you can click on that shows you the area your hotel will be within.

I think mine showed about a 30 mile radius, so you should always be sure to check that.If being in a specific location is required, I'd suggest you don't use the unpublished fare option.

Mountainair, New Mexico, United States #442772

I just booked a hotel through Expedia's unpublished rate and am quite unsatisfied as well. I am going to Cannery Row in Monterey, CA and the description was for a Cannery Row hotel for $112.

I booked it and it ended up being a hotel over 2.5 miles away from Cannery Row. The hotel also has a $22 resort fee that I will need to pay in addition to what I already payed Expedia.

I am very unsatisfied and will not use this service again.


Expedia made it right and refunded my money after I called and was able to speak with someone in the US. I booked another room through Expedia in the Historic District of Savannah and was very happy. My only complaint stems from the fact that the unpublished rate was not in the are I was searching for and I had to spend hours correcting the problem that should have not happened in the first place.


I used Expedia's unpublished rate hotel thing and wound up w/3 nights at the Palms in Vegas for $39/night. No complaints here.


That's funny you must be from Expedia?I did receive a full refund from Expedia after I went through two supervisors in the Phillipines and spoke with a person in Las Vegas I was given a full refund.

For your information the map on Expedia is wrong how can the Historic district be .8 miles as a river?

It was pure bait and switch!!

My argument was when I was searching on the Expedia site, I was looking for a hotel in the historic district, there were 40 hotels listed, I saw the check on unpublished rates, clicked bought a 4 star hotel for $129.

The hotel they sold me was not on the list of 40.So I was refunded and I booked another room through Expedia in the Historic District.


In this case, Expedia is NOT wrong.

The hotel is IN the historic district AREA shown on the map.

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