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I purchased a ticket for myself and my infant child for whom I paid full price.I asked to be seated together.

I received my email confirmation today and it shows that my baby and I are seated separate. After two hours on the phone with Expedia and Delta I was told that even though I've indicated that I am traveling with an infant child my seating arrangement is not guaranteed. My issue has not been resolved and Expedia or DELTA are not willing to change the seating because they don't have any seats available.

I was told by both parties that I need to rely on the courtesy of others!!

Monetary Loss: $270.

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My husband and I are another two victims of Expedia.I booked a rental car & 4 airline tickets with Expedia and called a CSR (Customer Svc Rep) within 24 hrs to confirm booking and verified the amount showing on my receipt.

The rep verified the tickets would charged as one lump sum but the rental would be separate. I was disappointed because my credit card miles will cover more the cost is over $600. Charges $350-$600 will cost me 60K miles per charge so it was really important to have all charges listed as one. The rep assured me I would only see one ticket charge.

Now, it has been 3 days since I booked and we can now see updated charges on our credit card. We have 4 separate charges ($381) so now we have to have 240K miles instead of 157K miles to cover our tickets. We called back Expedia and their CSR dept was useless. They tried to give me a $50 coupon and mentioned next time to book my tickets as a "vacation package" so it will be billed as one charge.

I asked why their rep didn't tell me that earlier -- when it was within the initial 24 hrs to make changes to our itinerary.

Our credit card company suggests we dispute the charge....In the meanwhile, my husband and I will make sure we share our story with everyone.

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You missed the advanced seating selection window thats all. You want asigned seating now then you have to do it at check in. No the airline does not want to baby sit and there not going to want to listen to a screaming baby so just show up at the checkin desk when your asked and they cn work things out then.

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