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Today its just like everyday, i made some online booking thru expedia buying airticket or hotel with them as i made partnership program with expedia.

But what happen is when i finally type in every single customer detail and my mode of payment. They came out this !@#$ (Sorry

We weren't able to proceed with your booking. Please try your search again.) And i think oh what just happen, maybe the system went down or my internet down. So i just my Account as i'm using a debit card, so its was deducted 3,800 baht.

Then i call their customer service which is very bad because it is very useless, at their end they can't check the payment. and they re assure me that i didn't makes any Booking, so i ask them, where does my money fly to? To double confirm i went to the bank and check but they told me is deducted to expedia account yet they told me not them. Lucky me i have sms which is a prove, So experdia can you help me on thi thanks you very much.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of expedia account. Expedia needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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There is nothing fraudulent here. First: You hire Expedia to go to the airlines or hotel and purchase a ticket or reservation.

Obviously they are not going to put that money out without making sure you are able to and will pay for it. Second: So when you attempt to buy something and use a DEBIT CARD, Expedia then puts a hold on your bank account for the cost of what you are asking them to buy. Third: After they purchase the item for you, they then submit the charge to your bank, where the charge and hold are consolidated. Fourth: If you do not purchase something like occurred herein, the hold still remains for a day or two until it falls off.

The absolute worst thing to do is buy any kind of travel arrangements with a debit card.

A credit card always gives you more protection.


Contact your bank and file a fraudulent pending charge and have them monitor it. If the charge goes through, it is fraud.

I also have a pending charge from them for $2500.00 for a booking that could not be made.

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