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I booked 5 people on a flight from NC to TX and paid in April to fly in September.Expedia only booked the 7 and 9 yr old on the first leg of the flight and now it is up to me to get to Dallas on my own for join up for the connecting flight.

Customer service (not) is in India and no one understands english. What a joke, they still owe me for a refund from last summer and the credit evidently didn't come off this flight. They forgot to book my hotel in Cozumel, Mexico even though they had 6 months to do so. I had to pay (again) when I got there.

I will never use them again. They owe me $1,752 now and I will never see a dime, they only give credits and I guess those are posted at their discretion a tidbit they don't tell you when you get the credit. How can I put 2 small kids on a flight all alone and somehow miraculously meet up on the connecting flight when they "miscommunicated to the airlines" how many would be on the first leg of the flight.

It is now to late to add us to the Charlotte to Dallas flight because it is overbooked and the earliest we can all travel together is 2 days after the wedding we are going to attend.My nephew can make it home from Afghanistan but I can't get to Texas thanks to Expedia!

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What a joke!I have now spent 6 days calling every 5 minutes and finally, finally got someone to admit there are no customer service agents in America!

I was told my only option was to rebook all 5 of us again, pay again and wait for expedia to credit (not refund) my money paid in April.I will drive the 1700 miles and happily sue expedia on my return.

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