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I had a HORRIFIC experience with Expedia and I will never use this website again once I use my remaining Expedia points. I had not used my account since May of 2014.

I received a notification from my IPhone Expedia app alerting me I had booked a night at the Ritz London... which I did not. After I tried to sign into my account on a web browser it kept saying invalid email. Upon review of my Expedia app on my phone I noticed my log in information had been changed, my email was beachblonde1289@earthlink.net and had been changed to beachblondel289@earthlink.net...

someone had switched the "1" to a lowercase "L" and my phone number's last 4 digits had been changed from 0478 to 0476, someone had attempted to prevent me from receiving any notifications. My password however had not been changed, which leads me to believe that my account was hacked by an Expedia employee, they would have access to my contact information but not my password. I had to call Expedia a total of 4 times and spoke to 4 different agents. The first was unable to help me or understand my problem so she transferred me to her supervisor, the supervisor was equally unhelpful so I asked to be transferred to her manager, Victor.

I was put on hold for over one hour waiting for Victor. Victor was extremely rude and unhelpful, he argued with me and told me that I must have booked the room myself or that I must have given my password to a friend so the fraud was my fault. He then refused to give me any information about the credit card used to book the room on MY account- he wouldn’t even tell me if it was a Visa, Amex etc. He also told me that if he canceled the booking, I would not be refunded the 10,191 Expedia points that were used to book the room- even though it was a fraudulent booking!

I ended up calling Expedia again that evening and spoke to Gladys who was the ONLY agent I spoke to in all of my calls that day that tried to understand my situation and help me. She was able to get the booking canceled for me, refund my points, and alerted me that the card used to book the trip was a card with my name on it that was fraudulent- someone had opened a fake credit card in my name with my name slightly misspelled. Gladys then sent me a follow up email along with the receipt of the original booking so I could look into the credit card fraud. I would rate Gladys’s services as satisfactory/above satisfactory in comparison to all of the other agents I spoke to that day, who I would rate as unsatisfactory.

I would rate Victor’s services as EXTREMELY UNACCEPTABLE. My experience with Victor alone makes me NEVER want to book with Expedia again after I use my remaining points. Expedia really needs to step up their customer service and the security of their website and customer accounts.

I will be reporting Expedia to the Better Business Bureau as well regarding the fraud on my account and the way it was handled by Expedia. Totally unacceptable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: A coupon for my next expedia booking.

Expedia Cons: Not willing to help customer, Poor reservation handling, Unable to solve my problem, Terrible customer service, Account fraud.

  • Poor Customer Experience
  • Account Fraud
  • Account Hacked
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Same here.. My account got hacked and they changed my email to a yahoo email.

They used all my points to do the booking.

What made me upset is that Expedia's support got my account back, but they told they were sorry they couldn't get back my points.

I will never use Expedia again!


Same here. Their help is terrible.

Twice the call dropped and they never phoned me back. I had to spend hours, no exaggeration, horário of international calls until they told me I probably shared my account with someone. I had to change my password. The 4 tickets the ha Jersey tried to buy did not go through be a useful my card had expired.

No, my Mac is not hacked. I was using secures wifi to buy the ticket.

And I do not visit dodgy sites. Terrible service experience with expedia.


Exact same issue. Hacked Expedia account. No response from Expedia to fix the problem.


going through the same experience right now. very painful.

after asking to be transferred to someone higher twice (and I'm still on hold) I googled Expedia account hacked and came across this review.

have been an expedia customer for years, but will no longer be one soon.


Dealing with this exact same issue right now.


This is the exact same thing I'm going though. Someone I know called Expedia and got access to my account simply by giving my email and phone number.

She then had then change the email to hers and took over my account. Expedia says I'm SOL

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