Podstrana, Podstrana
Not resolved

1.Hotel Sunce, Podstrana/Croatia

doesn't have 4****, but 3*** by Ministry of tourism categorization.

2.Measurements of the rooms are false, much smaller.

3.Apartment for 5 persons doesn't have a terrace as shown at the picture.

I managed that hotel till 4th of July 2013, and those facts weren't there except,that we were presented as 4****by the orders of the owner Mrs,Boras.

Since I was there almost 5 years, now the guests complaint directly to me,no understanding that I don't work there any more, thank God, but lots of them knows me, and I think that the honesty is the best policy. Lots of Expedia guests are putting their reviews on Trip advisor, instead on Expedia site, and I don't want to feel responsable for the critics they make.

  • Standard Apartment
  • Five Beds Measuring 377 square fe
  • this room opens to a furnished ba
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