I used this service for the first time last weekend to book a last minute hotel reservation at what I thought was a good price. As it turns out I was charged twice, once by expedia and once by the hotel. As it turns out the hotel price was significant cheaper. When I called customer service the first person told me yup, no problem we will refund you 7-10 days, placed on hoold for 20min until the manager came on and said well, we have to call corporate to authorize refund do to the "no refund policy" even though I was charged twice. Put on hold again and when she came back she said sorry no refund. I asked to speak with her supervisor at the corporate office , placed on hold again for 80mins!!!. I was so livid, that I asked her if the prerecorded message from the president of the company about the best service possible from start to end, was provided to me..her answer no, I asked if this was your first time using this service and you double charged and told no refund and waited 80min to speak to some one would you use this service again? Her answer no.

The burden on proof was on me to show there mistake, providing bank statements and hotel invoices. Finally I was able to get the second charhed refunded but still had to pay expedia's higher price.

Take home message, Just call the hotel you'll probably get a better deal than expedia and then you won't be frustrated with their no refund policy even if there mistake you won't waste 2hrs of your time trying to get your own money back!!

Monetary Loss: $183.

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