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Last month, I booked a trip to Italy with Expedia for me and my spouse, first on-line and then by phone, through a booking agent, after Expedia's on-line system could not split payments in two credit cards. The company did, however, authorize all of my credit card's credit, leaving me with absolutely no money to use, and no e-mail or any notification from Expedia for doing so with my money. When I called Expedia — after many calls, after more than an hour of waiting for someone to pick up, and after speaking with countless unprofessional representatives — I was told by a manager that they cannot remove the authorization on my card and that I have to wait several days for it to disappear. I had to take a loan from my bank to be able to pay for my rent, because of this dirty trick... Needless to say, I got no apology or no compensation for this.

Later on this month, on February 18, I called Expedia to book my trip by phone. The booking agent, who saw my unfinished online reservation, decided to open a new one, in order, they said, to be able to split the payment to two cards. They did not include the breakfast buffet included in the online reservation, and never mentioned that to me. After completing my booking, I saw on the automatic e-mail that no breakfast was included, and had to call Expedia again (Feb. 19) to add that. The agent I spoke with said he's adding a breakfast per person (x2) per night (x6) — a total of 12 breakfasts, for 154.53 USD. I got an automatic receipt by e-mail and was happy to know it's all behind me. If only I knew how mistaken I was.

What I did not see, is the error done by the booking agent — making a reservation for a single person for three days, and then a second reservation for the other person for the following three days — while keeping the full amount for me to pay for. Why? no one knows. When I called Expedia and asked then to solve this, which cost me approximately six hours of my life and a lot of frustration, they said that they cannot listen to recordings to verify that. "A manager will call you back" they said. No one called. No one cared. I called again a few days after. "A manager will call you back". Again, no one. I called AGAIN (records of my calls are available upon request) and asked to speak with a manager. "You'll have to wait on the line". I waited, and waited, and waited, no one picked up the phone. On the next call, on March 20, while I was waiting, finally one answered. It was a US Airlines representative! The customer service representative probably thought it was very funny.

And no, he did not call back even though I gave him my number to call me back in case the call disconnects.

This is Expedia's customer service at its best.

Back to my trip, at the hotel, they said that their reservation shows that only one passenger gets breakfast. "We paid for both of us", I said, and they printed me a proof that shows that Expedia did not mention that, nor did they transfer my funds for that. I was very angry at that point. The receptionist mentioned that this is common with Expedia, and that in other circumstances they would work this out for me, but "as a rule, Expedia is not willing to help", he said, from experience.

Eventually I had to pay the hotel directly 48 EUR (approx. 62 USD) for the 6 "additional" breakfasts. Expedia is not willing to help.

Think twice before being tempted by their price! in fact, don't even think. If you care about yourself and your money, choose another travel agency.

Review about: Expedia Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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hahahaha you got transferred to us airways thats very funny! lol one time I transferred one angry customer to Westjet that airline always has like 50minutes of hold

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