I just want to let people know that before they consider purchasing the Expedia Vacation Waiver "insurance" that if they need to change their flight, Expedia only pays the penalty. If the price of the flight has increased, you have to pay the differene.

In my situation, I needed to change the flight due to my father's sudden death. My original ticket was purchased in advance for $267.00. To purchase an immediate travel ticket for the same destination was over $560.00.

I went back and read the fine print of the offer and discovered that this is the way the policy is written so I was left with no choice but to pay the additional price.

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Expedia and Spirit airlines are both a joke!!! This insurance is proving to be ***!

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #903119

Very frustrated. They are misleading their customers.

The following is from their website:

Vacation Waiver—Cancel for Any Reason!

It's true! You can change or cancel your trip for any reason prior to the scheduled start of your trip.

More details below


Go ahead and book that vacation with the family. You now have peace of mind knowing that if life throws you a curve ball you can count on Expedia to take care of you and protect your pocketbook. The Expedia Vacation Waiver helps protect you against life's unexpected occurrences.

Your group is allowed to change or cancel your trip for any reason one (1) time prior to the scheduled start time* of your trip without being charged any change or cancellation fees. If canceling, any monies paid will be returned to the customer who booked the travel except the cost of published airfare, which will be made available as a credit for future travel.** *** Scam - Oh and the customer service was terrible.

One guy hung up on me because he didn't know the answer to one of my questions. Ridiculous.


Obviously they don't pay the additional cost, or you could simply book a flight 6 months out and then change it to tomorrow - even with the waiver you'd be saving and they would be out of pocket. That wouldn't be good business.

You can also cancel the flight and get a full refund in the form of a credit for later travel, considering how high cancellation fees have become from the airlines that's a good deal.


It's true, they only cover change fees, there is no refund for a full cancellation of airfare.

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