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Booked a room in San Francisco with Expedia. Next morning found the exact same room for $28 less.

Immediately called Expedia with the window up on my computer showing the cheaper room. Waited more than 45 minutes with no answer. While on the phone I emailed them to say exactly what was going on. Called back later and waited again on the phone.

At that time when they checked on their computer the price had gone up to the same as I bought it from them. Hmmmm.... of course! I told them I had the screen shot from when I called earlier and they would not answer the phone.

They said they will not honor the lesser price. I waited more than a reasonable amount of time (45+ minutes) on the phone. They DO NOT honor their price guarantee and their customer service is atrocious. I will never ever book with them again.

I will actually pay more to a competitor rather than give them my business.

Do not be fooled by them. They do not stand behind their product.

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Issaquah, Washington, United States #607402

Booked a hotel through Expedia and then found the same room for cheaper ($25 less) on the actual hotel's website. Called Expedia and was told that they could not verify the price with the hotel so I did not qualify for the best price guarantee.

I asked why they could not verify it and they said it was because the hotel did not disclose their tax information on their website, even though I was looking right at the price on my computer.

After 30 minutes of back and forth, I hung up. Their customer service is terrible and I won't be booking with them again.


I booked a 2 night stay at Disney World through Expedia, then found a deal at Orbitz for $0.76 less. I called Expedia, reached their India call center, and...

long story short, got a $0.76 refund & $50 voucher. Long story long, the phone call took a long time. The representative was nice, but the hold times were very, very long.

I'm actually still on the phone right now, typing as I sit here bored. I think she's playing Minesweeper or something...


I was just on the phone to Expedia about their price guarantee. I think their call centre is in India.

The woman was difficult to understand and she kept trying to tell me that the deal with expedia was very good (even though it was $30 more expensive than another booking website I found). Anyway, I gave up after 25min of being on hold. What a waste of time.

I've used expedia before and it was good, but never really had to deal with their customer service. Their customer service SUCKS!


I booked the last room at a BandB through Expedia then later found out the BandB had its own website where I could have got the room cheaper. When I sent Expedia proof of this by email they refuse to price match it as the room was no longer available.I tried pointing out it was available when I booked it but they wasn't interested.I will not be using them again


I am not happy with what I a result I will NOT be booking with Expedia going forward.


I booked two flights through and two weeks later found the same flights $120 cheaper. I called expedia (reached India), and explained the situation.

I was placed on hold and then disconnected. I called again and explained the situation, just to be told the price guarantee is only good for 48 hours.

Nor could I cancel and rebook at the lower rate. Never again.


Expedia price guarantee is a shame..... I went online to book a trip to the dominicain republic, and got one price....

then I called to verify and actually booked my trip. At the same time I went online to travelocity, same hotel, flights, insurance and recieved a price 17 dollars cheaper. I was told by the customer service person at Expedia all I have to do if I find a better price within 24 hours is call there 800 number and they would credit me and give me a 50.00 coupon. well when I did that they apparently didn't get the same prices I was getting on my magical computer and would not issue me a credit.

so after 45 minutes on the phone I got nothing but aggrivated...

I will never book with Expedia again. just save yourself time and money and go with the cheapest site from the start.


Called prior to booking a cruise and tried getting a price match from only to be told that cruisesonly has a non refundable booking charge so Expedia will not match due to that. Expedias match policy stays only match the cost of the cruise, so whats the point in having such policy if they wont honor it.

" The Best Price Guarantee applies only to the cost of the cruise. Taxes and fees, and any additional items, such as air or land components, insurance, the Cruise Protection Plan, shipboard credits, transfers, pre- or post-cruise hotel stays, onboard amenities, gift cards/certificates, cash back and/or dollars off are not eligible."


They magically changed my rate to reflect the new lower price but my e-mail and confirmation number through the car company state the higher rate... Suspicious. They refuse to honor their price guarantee.


June 4th, 2011 -- was trying to find and book a room in Dover, DE. Found a room on, went to the hotel's website to check their direct prices.

Prices were the same! I tried to see if I could book directly on hotel's website. The website told me they had no rooms available, yet Expedia was showing available room. I called the hotel and was told no more rooms.

I called Expedia and asked if rooms booked thru them are guaranteed. I was told they are. I then told the person on the phone the exact room I was referring to. He confirmed the room was available.

I then told the person that the hotel is telling me there are no more rooms. After insisting, the Expedia rep put me on hold to call the hotel. Sure enough, they had no more rooms. The Expedia rep then wanted to help me find another room.

What a bunch of unprofessionals working over there. I was about to book a room which had no vacancy. Traveler BE WARE! the room you book thru Expedia may not exist.

Double check with the hotel before and after the reservation for vacancy and that your room was indeed booked with the hotel. You may end up arriving 2 in the morning only to find out you have no room :\


its live inventory.... !!!haler!!!! :roll :roll


I had a similar problem the day before yesterday. I spend almost 2 hours TOTAL on the phone getting various excuses re: an $18 a night price difference, including does not honor, I used a coupon thereby voiding the guarantee...I found none of this in the terms and conditions of their Best Price Guarantee.

When I asked to quote me where this was stated in the terms, after 25 minutes, customer service was unable to pull up their policy. In the end, they gave me $15.50 credit and the $50 coupon. What a waste of time and a rip off.

Next time, Ill book directly with the cheaper site. I used to be a frequent shopper on Expedia too.

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