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I booked Disney's Port Orleans Riverside through Expedia. On the way there, our car broke down.

It was a terrible experience for my kids, husband, and I. We were stranded for a long time, needed to get towed, find a place to drop off car for repairs, and two truck dropped us off at 10pm at a hotel. I contacted Port Orleans to say I won't be able to make it. That night at the hotel, I emailed Expedia.

I received an email that I will receive a response within 24 hours. Never heard from them. I contacted them when we got back. After being on hold forever, and speaking to a representative, they told me to contact Port Orleans, and speak to a manager, so that I won't be assessed a penalty charge.

Port Orleans told me that has nothing to do with me, they said they charge Expedia, the 3rd party, and that it's up to them to resolve the issue with them. I contacted Expedia back, and there was no record on my account re my previous conversation with a representative. I said the whole story again, was placed on hold, while the agent contacts Port Orleans to verify that I didn't go. She got back on the phone, and said Port Orleans will charge me, b/c I was calling 5 days after the fact(really I've been trying to resolve this throgh phone calls/emails everyday), and that a car breaking down is not considered an emergency.

They told me they spoke to the manager of Port Orleans. I called Port Orleans again, and said they don't handle that, and that it's up to Expedia to not charge me a penalty and refund my money. I've sent 3 emails already, aside from the phone calls, still no response. Now I have to call Expedia back again, and repeat what the manager in Port Orleans said again.

I even have proof of the car tow bill, tires plus repair bill, and hotel bill I can fax them. All I want is a credit and/or refund for the full amount I paid.

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omg you dont have culture and you dont know how the bussiness are made I mean if you have an emergency you have to call the travel agency right away but also is your responsability to arrive at the hotel I'm no the one providing you with the car and well your hotel has rules and restrictions so if you are within the penalty window we have to contact the hotel to make the arrangments to see if they are going to refund expedia for the night that you are not going to use so we can give you, your money back the agent doesn't know the magic to make money of the air and also remember the hotel is holding the room for you so they are not going to give the room to another person I mean is bussiness if the hotel was still keeping a room that they could sale to another person so is your responsability and after the trip is completed is dificult to get a hold with the manager at the hotel to get authorization so the one to blame is your car lol


Yes agree,

We are having similar experience. How can get class action against them.

We booked a day flight from San Francisco to Seattle, airline changed our flight and now we can't get our money back as the times are no good to us. And of course you never hear back from them.

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