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Last week I was trying to book a few nights stay at a ski resort through Expedia. When I would get to the end of the booking process I received an error message saying my trip was not booked and to return to the billing page and try again.

I tried this 4 time before getting frustrated and booking somewhere else. Now I have charges coming out of my account for the room I tried to book through Expedia. 4 rooms ! When I call the resort, they can clearly see that the reservations were made through Expedia.

In fact, I was informed once they get a hit from Expedia, they have to contact Expedia to get the billing info. Unfortunately, once booked through Expedia, I have to cancel through Expedia, who is saying my stay wasn't processed. Somehow they can see I tried 4 times. Somehow Expedia has all my info, but they did not book with the resort.

So, I guess what happened is that the people over at the resort have a staff of psychics who telepathically got all my info and booked me four rooms - remember, I tried this 4 times. I am choosing not to name the resort, as they have been nothing but helpful during this time, however they did inform me that they had another patron with this same exact problem last month.

Monetary Loss: $620.

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