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My wife and I booked a three night vacation through Expedia two weeks ahead of time. We drove 8 hours to our destination and upon arrival found out that the room we had paid for was not the one given to us.

After spending 40 minutes trying to resolve this issue, customer service offered coupons for the next time we use them. Next time?! I don't think so. During the course of my conversation with customer service he did not even know what my problem was until after he had read to me my booking.

After he found out that it was because we did not have the King bed he proceeded to tell me it was not guaranteed and said so on the website. but we checked and no where did it say that it was not guaranteed. They were very dishonest by selling me something that was not even available.

So, our vacation has started with me super mad and my wife crying in frustration. Thanks Expedia...

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Gunzenhausen, Bayern, Germany #621331

It has been my experience that most hotels have websites and I always check their site to see the rates and terms. Quite frequently I find I can do just as well dealing directly with the hotel, rather than trying to go through a third party.

Once I have made my reservation directly with the hotel, I print off all the information from their site and I also ask for a confirmtion email from them. On the rare occasion something is not as promised, the hotel has no one to hide behind and when confronted with their confirmation, usually meet their promises.

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