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I have an account with Expedia long time.

Expedia travel confirmation/e-Ticket - Jan 4 - Itin#111953****518 (10/19/2015 10:21 PM)

Expedia travel confirmation - Jul 5 - (Itin#113580****979) (5/20/2016 7:37 AM)

Expedia travel confirmation/e-Ticket - Jun 29 - Itin# 726745****821 (5/21/2017 10:23 AM)

Cancun - Jul 2 (Itinerary # 743846****955) (5/28/2019 6:31 AM)

This year I wanted to go for vacation again and when I try to connect to my account again but you wrote wrong user name or etc. wrong password.

finally I made new account to booked new vacation package and I did (Itinerary #720751****9028).

But again problem - I can connect to my new account.

No account and wrong password!?

But the first. I lost point with my first account too


the second

I can't connect to new account again.

So what the point?

You change the policy or your programmer made error?

If I am want to change password - you writing wait 24 hours???

Now I can't see old and book new trips.

Please help in this case.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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