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I booked an "All inclusive vacation" at a resort that was rated 4.8 stars out of 5 for 11/26->12/3/18. Resort shows 13 restaurants avail but only 2 were open.

New chef menus being developed. Buffets with under/over cooked food, flies/birds landing on food, left out until completely gone, mislabeled food, and watered down drinks. Casino blocked off/closed, Entertainment was either not available or makeshift activities while they restructured program, new management (20ish years old) Construction, furniture, mattresses strewed about facility/property creating walking hazards and noise issues, epoxy paint used through common areas causing health issues (I've got a voice box infection and unable to speak from the 2nd day on vac to 3 weeks later). We disconnect phone to avoid early am calls offering time-share.

This resort should have been closed during this period & a total refund is due to all who do go. Vacations consist food, drinks, comfort, entertainment & relaxation. This was none of that! Majority of time spent speaking to mgmt, conversations in person &/or tel with expedia.

Expedia allowed consumers to be taken advantage of. They took away "MY choice" by failing to verify the facilities which is a responsibility they have to the consumer. Expedia is present at this resort EVERYDAY (8-10 hrs/day) aware the resort was completing a MAJOR RESTRUCTURING (not Maintenance)(from 11/26->12/15/18). These practices are deceptive & ARE considered fraudulent!

Expedia booked an All Inclusive Vac, their reps submit complaints daily regarding issues at the resorts yet Expedia did not address the issues & continued to allow bookings to take place. Expedia processes the charges for Airfare and Hotel separately which will minimize any refund a consumer may get. Comm was made to resort mgmt & Expedia within 1 day of arrival.

Both parties deferred our request to leave facility & now deny a completed refund. Being self employed we have lost wages, vac as well as pymt for vac!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vacations To Go MeliÁ Caribe Tropical Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Full refund, reimb medical expenses and travel voucher.

Expedia Cons: System booked ticket horrible nightmare scammed, Booked all inclusive, Booked all inclusive resort should be shut down expedia no help, Buyer beware expedia does not verify the resorts.

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I would never allow a third party service to book anything anywhere at any time for me. You must do your own homework or you'll wind up at the "Paradise Palace" or whomever is willing to kickback to Expedia. You wanted cheap and used a cheap-o service, so you really shouldn't be surprised by second or third class accommodations.


Expedia is very well known. I did not book an inexpensive vacation.

Expedia KNEW this resort was under major upheaval yet continued to book for this resort. They are present to book excursions and knew for this period covering our vacation they had already been flooded with complaints. Obviously they have no responsibility to there customers.

And even if you booked directly with resort do you think they would be truthful? Think again!!!

@Expedia allows resorts to scam

Thank you very much. I had been at this very same resort in April of 2018.

Everything was very nice and definitely a 5 star resort. Unfortunately Expedia and the Melia did not disclose the major reconstruction of all aspects of the resort. They felt “well you didn’t have an issue with the flight” so you do pay for that. Why would I pay for a flight to a disaster area?

Expedia does have a responsibility of full disclosure to paying customers.

They get compensated for a service and they knowingly fell short. I’ll never use them again


I'm always booking with third party services because of the prices they offer. Before booking a hotel I read reviews from actual customers (on various sites) to get the idea of what to expect. No disappointments so far.


I had been at the very same resort in April. This is why I went back.

The difference was night and day. Expedia is very well known so why wouldn’t I book thru them. As with so many situations once they have your money they refuse to take care of customers. Expedia DOES have RESPONSIBILITIES given the services they provide.

They should NOT allow bookings for places they are aware of MAJOR RESTRUCTURING of all areas of all inclusive vacations. They are present and documented to management the issues going on. Nothing was done but continue to take the money of paying customers. Why would it be acceptable to pay the same amount for a resort under restructuring as a 5 star totally functional resort????

I bet if it were your money you may understand it a bit differently. I’m still feeling the sting of this awful vacation. Not to mention I ended up in the hospital for over a week with respiratory issues not to mention follow up doctor appointments.

The epoxy paint is extremely dangerous to vacationers as well as workers and staff. Let’s be realistic!

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